About Us

Xpress Communications began operations in 2002 as an Internet Service Provider as the result of several individuals who wanted to provide reliable and quality services. Our initial services prices were below average market, and our client base grew rapidly. Initially, we also offered Software Development, Web Development, and On-Site and Bench Repair and Maintenance Services.

One thing is for sure in the computer industry — nothing stays the same. After a few years, internet services were changing, and the “big boys” in the industry were able to underprice all local-based providers. We chose to change our business model to provide development and hosting services working with other service providers for the internet connection. We still offered the other services initially offered.

With several of us having education and personal experience in the video production industry, we chose in 2010 to add Video Production Services to our portfolio. We currently also provide video recording, editing, and media duplication. Our services are used for infomercials, commercials, and training videos for commercial applications as well as weddings, birthdays, and other personal events. In addition to local broadcasters, our videos have been air on several national networks.

Because of our business model change and after consulting with many of our clients, we chose in early 2016 to no longer maintain a business storefront. The vast majority of our services required our associates to be on-site with our customers. Our main service offerings have not changed, but we’re able to be more effecient in our services without having to maintain and staff a storefront. In other words — we come to our clients.

We currently have several packaged products and services that we’re marketing. Check out our Project Pages above for more details on these packages.